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Using personal data collected from players and providing them with ancillary services is our legitimate business interest as a data controller under gambling regulations. We collect personal information from players for a variety of reasons, and we use it in various ways.

Registration on the website allows you to confirm your agreement with this privacy policy. This website should not be used by anyone who does not agree with the terms of this privacy policy and does not want to provide us with the personal information we require.

Information we collect

The personal information we may require from you for use and processing includes:

  1. The information you give us when you register for an account, as well as any other information that you provide through the portal or by email (e.g., first and last name, date of birth, email address, phone number);
  2. Communication with us through the site, email, online chat or other communication channels;
  3. A history of all payments to the Player Account, whether they occurred through our website(s) or other communication methods;
  4. Casino log-in data and details, including attendance data, GeoIP location data, browser/device data, activity logs and other information recorded in our system;
  5. Documents requested by us to verify your account, deposit or withdrawal processing, or fraud checks. Such evidence may include passport scans, payment checks, bank statements, etc.
  6. Participating in surveys we conduct periodically.

Please provide the following information when registering an account, and we will make your gaming experience unforgettable!

Your data use

An online casino that is constantly improving its features is what every gambler wants. Due to this, Casino Ricky can enhance and improve its services with your personal information. Player data is used for the following purposes:

  • Operations related to finance and gambling are processed;
  • Our Services cover the gambling business and related transactions;
  • Assistance in resolving any issue as soon as possible;
  • Conducting periodic monitoring of accounts;
  • Preventing fraud and money laundering by tracking payments;
  • Promoting our partners' products and services;
  • Compliance with anti-fraud and counter-terrorist financing laws and regulations.

Ricky Casino is committed to providing its players with a safe and enjoyable gaming environment. With personal information, you can make your gambling experience more convenient and fun.

Third-party access to data

Ricky Casino guarantees that all personal information and details will not be shared with third parties. To keep your information secure, we use SSL encryption.

It may be lawful to disclose players' personal information in the following situations:

  1. Providing information in cases of suspected fraud to law enforcement agencies;
  2. Providing payment processors with data to facilitate transactions;
  3. In the case of big winnings, players' personal information may be used for promotional purposes.

In accordance with our duty of confidentiality, we assure you that all player data will be transferred to third parties in accordance with current data protection legislation. 

Contact us

You can always contact our support team if you have any problems. This group of professionals will assist you, whether you wish to stop sharing your personal data or anything else. Please contact us via email at [email protected].